About IIM Kashipur

The Indian Institute of Management Kashipur is a new entrant in the elite league of IIMs. The institute is set up with the objective of providing quality management education while sensitizing students towards the needs of the society.

IIM Kashipur commenced operations from July 2011 under the mentorship of IIM Lucknow. The institute offers Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM), a two year full time residential programme. The rigorous curriculum seeks to instil a passion for knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge to real life scenarios. The programme lays emphasis on all-round personality development and inculcates the values of leadership and integrity.

The institute is located in one of the most densely industrialized regions in the country with over 180 industries having plants in and around the region and many more lining up. This places the institute at a vantage point when it comes to ‘Learning by Doing’ via frequent industry interactions and live projects..

Leadership Conclave

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The Leadership Conclave is the flagship event of IIM Kashipur. The Conclave provides a platform for interaction and a mutual exchange of ideas and knowledge between the industry and the academia.

The captains of the industry and leaders from all walks of life participate in the Conclave held for over three days and they deliberate on issues that demand attention. The event will primarily focus on a common theme and there are sub-themes that are discussed in detail. The Conclave provides a direct opportunity for the academia to interact with industry experts and discuss key issues that affect both the parties.

The Leadership Conclave (held in Feb 2013) provided one such platform where the industry experts and the academicians interacted about critical issues in the theory – practice debate. It transpired the concepts of reverse engineering. The asymmetry between the design of corporations and institutions was brought to the fore and necessary actions to be taken to amend this imbalance were discussed. The need to refine academic courses to be in tune with the constantly changing industry was also analyzed.

Taking it forward, this time around the Leadership Conclave is all set to deliberate the issues of academic community and the industry with more focus on augmentation of academic research, pertinent to the industrial demand. To aid this, a smooth transition from academia to industry would be elaborated upon. This is in tune with the theme of the Conclave this year – Industry – Academia Collaboration. Also the exploration of a new dimension is on the cards namely the role of society as a partner in industry – academia collaboration.

Society is an important stakeholder in the value creation process of all sustainable businesses. With this objective, it is imperative to establish a framework that aides in transforming corporate social responsibility through social innovation as this would improve their competitiveness and market access. This is essential in the purview of both economic performance and sustenance if an inclusive growth is to be achieved.

Thus with the deliberation on these issues, the Conclave aims to bring about an effective partnership between the industry and the academia that can be sustained in the years to come.